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>> a hearing at city hall tonight focused on police officers and their conduct both on and off duty. the discussion follows an incident involving an off-duty officer charged with gunning down a former rain. -- a former marine. >> that hearing was strictly informational. it was an opportunity for city council members to sit down with the police commissioner to talk about department policies. >> i will discuss the overall decency policies. >> the police commissioner was in the hot seat tonight at city hall. many of those questions focused on the general discipline of officers involved an off-duty incident. >> what happens to officers who have multiple problems? what happens when you know that the person is in need of help? >> those general questions
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turned more specific during a discussion of the department's policy requiring officers to carry weapons. last month, an off-duty baltimore police officer shot and killed a man following a disturbance outside a nightclub. the officer is tours with the murder. the case was not discussed directly at tonight's hearing. the question as to whether or not there should be a clear ban on drinking alcohol while carrying a weapon was. >> are officers allowed to carry service weapons when they are drinking? >> right now, the policy says that off-duty officers should make prudent decisions. it does not mention alcohol specifically. >> that does not mean we are not open to change. that does not mean we are not actively reviewing these policies set forth by other police departments, especially as they concern the consumption of alcohol and the use of medication. >> after the hearing, the
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councilman -- councilwoman indicated that she wanted to hear more information. the next discussion on police conduct will be august 8 and ninth. >> a baltimore city police officer is in shock trauma after his car was involved in an accident. crash happened just after 8:00 tonight. the officer was going to assist another officer who needed help. the second officer in the car was not injured. it they were going to get some help. they were taken to st. agnes. he was caught with some class trying to arrest a suspect. the people in the civilian car were not injured. >> they have made a suspect in the town's first homicide in four years. an arrest warrant has been issued for 20 year-old mohammed. he is accused in sunday's murder of outside the american legion.
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police say mohammed is 5 feet 8 inches, 130 pounds with both -- with tattoos on his back, arms, and hands. fire officials are trying to figure out what caused two cars to go up in flames in northeast baltimore early this morning. they were found in a wooded area on the baltimore city- county line around 6:15 a.m. there is no word of the cars were stolen or if it is a case of arson or both. for a while it was a very dangerous drive in baltimore. 16 manhole covers suddenly disappeared. the covers were stolen from the 5900-6300 block of east lombard street. they have since placed the recover it -- to cover spread of you have any information related to the missing man hole covers, you are urged to call
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911 immediately. if you are out of court and struggling to find a job, it looks like he will get extra help from the federal government. the senate approved a bill extending unemployment benefits to people who have been out of work for six months or more. >> the house will vote on the matter tomorrow. it is expected to pass and go on to the president for his signature. maryland's department of labour is already gearing up for an influx of applications from the 19,000 merrill lenders to stand to benefit from an extension of the federal payments. >> unemployment can affect anyone read it -- can affect anyone. >> she tracks claims. congress appears poised to extend federal unemployment
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benefits. >> public, people have patience. we've already had a lot -- a large volume of people calling. >> the bill would offer up to 73 weeks of federal unemployment payments to people live exhausted their state benefits. belated government numbers show the job market is tougher than ever -- the latest government numbers show the job market is tougher than error -- than ever. >> the maryland benefits are only 26 weeks and length. >> recent layoffs are driving the impact of the recession on our area. she expects that number to grow by 1500 people a week. >> the average weekly benefit in maryland is $312 a week and that is taxable. it is not a lot, but it is there to help people get by while they are looking for the next job. >> debit cards have replaced the
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traditional unemployment check. if federal benefits keep growing into our area, it will create a $6 million boom to our local economy. >> people who are receiving unemployment insurance are using them for food, not to pay their rent. every penny goes back into the economy. >> the extension could be signed into law by the end of the week. >> we can help you survive the tough economy. our online survival guide offers tips to keep your job, help you find a job, or qualify your unemployment benefits. you can also share your story. it is on now to the latest on the debate.
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in a decision yesterday by the court of appeals, they will most likely delay the construction of a slot parlor. the proposed site that is being so diligently fought over is being overrun by weeds growing the >> in the concrete. that leaves the question, what exactly is going on? of estimates board approved the land deal for the city's slot parlor last fall. at the time, the goal was to have slot machines up and running in baltimore by new year's day 2011. it is not going to happen. the lancet empty and overgrown by weeds. a daily reminder to city officials of a bigger revenue source that remained untapped. >> i am so very eager to move it forward. >> the problem is not political. mayor stephanie rawlings blake is a supporter. >> we want a job opportunities
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that are created by this facility. we want the potential tax reduction that this facility would offer. >> what has happened develop the canadian developer who led the group that bid for the baltimore site. in december, the state flex commission threw out the group's bid after the group missed deadlines and fail to pony up $90 million in licensing fees. >> the commission believes it has been more than patient. >> the commission had hoped to rebid the baltimore site. but they filed an appeal with the state administrative board. the appeal has yet to be heard. while it is pending, the whole notion of gambling in the city is on hold. >> that the legal issue has to be resolved for us to move forward. i am eager for the matter to be resolved so we can get another crack at it. >> the mayor has heard a lot of interest in the site. her staff has considered the terms and might require in a new
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deal. the original deal last year may have chased away potential bidders by the amount of money is set for the city's cut of gambling revenue. >> we are taking a look at all of those issues. >> there is a new mexico connection. the gaming license was taken away their when he missed the deadline to open a casino. he is appealing that decision as well. >> many of you responded to our investigation from last night. it was about a couple his $26 easy pass a violation berlin to over $2,000, mostly in administrative fees. do you think there should be a cap on administrative fees? 89% of you said yes. 11% say no. to see our story and to give your thoughts, you can go to local school officials are still
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crunching numbers from this year's maryland school assessment. baltimore city administrators will be the first to tell you that there is still room for improvement. >> i will never be satisfied. last year, when you ask me, i said i was not satisfied. >> school officials say they can still afford to reject >> some of the grades are we have struggled in the pastor making huge gains. the sixth grade made a huge gain. most kids are learning better. >> over a three year periods, officials say overall student test scores for reading went up as much as 45%. even higher for mathematics. the three-year gain was 71%. the school ceo said she will continue to raise the bar. >> i want huge leaps every
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single year. when i looked at the number and i saw that we did not jump as high as the previous two years, i was disappointed. >> the district was also disappointed a few months ago. it caught dead in a status to send 120 employees inside classrooms -- it also -- it cost 120 employees to go inside classrooms to monitor testing. >> people sometimes make stupid mistakes and my job is to find them. >> they investigate 10-15 team complaints per year. >> everyone can sleep easier. elvis is back in the building project find out a surprising place the missing statue was found. it has been in baltimore since 1987, but the u.s. comfort could be moving.
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details on how local politicians are trying to keep it at home. the curtain is coming down on one of the most -- baltimore's most historic spots. >> quieter whether tonight. are storms have stayed to the north so far. details about a major warmup. right now, it is still pretty worn out there. 82 downtown
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>> officials slapped eight $52,000 fine against the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation center. it forced residents to be relocated. the fine is assiated with four significant deficiencies said officials say it put a resident in harm's way. investigators also discovered mechanical problems with the air-conditioning dating back to
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june of 2009. presidents can not return. >> they are not bad debts and they will not be permitted to enter back into the office till the into we are assured that they are in full compliance. >> ravenwood has 10 days to submit a plan of correction. >> naval officers want to move the u.s.s. comfort out of baltimore to norfolk, virginia. >> the u.s.s. comfort brings medical care and supplies to people in need across the globe. most recently, if deployed to help distance of the earthquake in haiti. it has been docked in baltimore for 23 years. the navy is considering moving it to norfolk. >> the navy is paying a billion dollars a year to have the comfort at the port of baltimore. we have been doing this for 23 years.
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why change now? >> legislators from maryland are fighting the move for a number of reasons. one is a $5 million the navy recently spent two upgrade the dock. he introduced an amendment to take a closer look at that. >> i am asking for a cost benefit, cost analysis. why do is spend $5 million which will allow the comfort to allow the comfort to stay in baltimore for 20 years and then move it? >> another reason to keep it here is that it is close to the bethesda naval medical center. the third reason is more personal. >> it is part of baltimore. it is like apple pie. we have pride. we see if we drive down 95. >> the budget bill that includes a $10 million to build in norfolk now has his amendment attached to it. >> it has been here for 23
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years. to do not take comfort to read our maryland delegation is going to do whatever we can. >> it is the end of an era at the senator theater closed its doors tonight. the senator has been in his family for 71 years, but the city will hand over the management to the honor of the charles theater. that means that the lights will be out. >> it is a shame for it to go. it was a beautiful thing to see hollywood come to baltimore, all the stars, actors, actresses, producers. it was having a piece of hollywood. >> earlier tonight, there was a free screening of the original "star wars." you can share your memories on elvis is back home tonight. he was taken off the roof of
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the happy days diner. it was stolen at the end of june. father sawthis man's its in a cemetery not far from the diner. steve picked him up and took him home. the kings microphone is gone and 1 foot is all shook up, but overall he is in good shape. >> the fiber glass is broken. i am sure we will try to salvage and somehow. >> right now, no one knows who took all this from the roof or why. >> you are insta-weather-plus forecast would sandra shaw. >> so far, we have been much quieter tonight then last night. the storms have been trying to have enough left to get going really have not gotten going over the state of maryland. we do see a strong line right near the border. a couple of lines of showers and
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storms of around new york and eastern pennsylvania. other than that, things are clear here, at least for now. it looks like we will make it through unscathed tonight. tomorrow be a dry air date. the are already seeing depressurized. it is going to be a hot one, though. we are not seeing a lot of relief tonight in the way of temperatures. we're still sitting at 85 downtown. 82 out of the airport. 76 up near the state line. you add to that very height due points -- very high dew points and there is not a lot of cooling out there. any time we are hovering in the low 70's, we're dealing with a lot of moisture in the environment. 93 at the airport tonight. looks like at 95 at the inner
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harbor. last night, we were in the opposite -- of 70's for an overnight low. tonight, 74 at best. partly cloudy skies, really that is the trend. a beautiful day tomorrow. just a hot one. below 90's yet again. statewide, the concert will be the sunshine. it will be beautiful as far as that conditions go. 86 degrees in the mountains of western maryland. central maryland is looking like another high of 93 or 94. winds will be light and out of the northwest. a little bit of relief for a spread 91 down on the eastern shore. on the beach itself, 88 degrees. they forecast is not problematic. waves are not too impressive, at only 1 foot. it will not cause a problem for poachers. -- voters -- boaters.
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high pressure is already starting to build and. with all the heat, we cannot rule out isolated storms. i do not think we will see much of that tomorrow. things are going to heat up by the weekend, so you might want to head up to the beach. it looks like 93 in ocean city on friday. saturday, 95 in ocean city parade 99 in baltimore. a cold front will get here saturday night through sunday and that will close down a few degrees into the lower 90's. the heat is the real story. the heat index is will be feeling like triple digits. >> you can track the storms wed sandra shaw using our interactive radar on what you are there, share your storm pictures.
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-- while you are there, or star pictures. >> as the ravens get closer to the start of training camp, find out why. >> it is wednesday night and it is time to get started. we're going to take a look. she recently to come $200,000. our first number is 16, 58, 22,
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30, 51. 25 is the power by number.
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>> six days out from training camp, the ravens have an area of
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concern. he sound somewhere between agitated and disgruntled. his hip surgery could keep him at of the lineup. he sounds steamed the other players make more money than he dead -- a. he did not ask for a new contract this year. he appears to be on track to start to training camp on the physically unable to perform list. it all unfolds in westminster. the orioles did not get to enjoy their winning streak for more than a few hours. brad ferguson gave up four runs in the first three innings. the first one came up the debt -- come off the bats -- looked
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scott grounded down the first base line. in the sixth inning, jason in relief. bases loaded, he walks. it proves to be the winning run. tiger was a high-profile affairs may have crushed his squeaky clean image, but only dented his ability to break in cash. his endorsements -- he still made more than $90 million. most of that still came from endorsements. even if his wife decided to play havoc with the earnings, he would still rank fourth on the list. there is one reagan -- greater
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than on the list. nascar made it clear that drivers need to find someplace other than the track to settle their differences. they find them $25,000 per it they put both drivers on the predacious -- probation for the latest incident bread -- incident. he sent him into the wall on the final lap. edwards run the race. the dispute goes back to talladega last year. the one of seamanship -- one upmanship has to end. the league rejected the jersey devils' deal because the 17-
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year deal is to -- is designed to skirt the league's salary cap. the deal would have become the longest player contract in history. instead, it simply goes into the growing deals marked, ok, that is stupid. stick around. sandra shaw has your seven-day forecast.
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>> we have really been sweating it out all summer long. i am not going to put it up to 100. we will see by the end of the week. i am saying 99 on saturday. >> i am saying 100. >> we will see. you may be right. in the lower 90's tomorrow. upper 90's on saturday. >> you could skew its. that is a look at our news spread if you like to see it again, we have a rebroadcast for you at midnight. good night, everybody.
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools,
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and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.

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